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Chaplain's Corner  

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Our VVA and AVVA membership both past and present are utmost important to our organization and the rich history they bring. Our members who have died have not been forgotten and remain as integral part of the history of Vietnam Veterans of America and Associates of Vietnam Veterans of America.

These men and women have made what VVA and AVVA is today and continues to be. It in this vein, that we want to honor their memory and legacy by publishing their obituary narratives as they have been collected and written.

Some are more complete than others depending on the information that was provided to the National Chaplain. It is the intent of this site to post all the narratives that have been collected since we started publishing the TAPS column.

Please note that we did not start TAPS column at the beginning of our organization but only one year later their memory nevertheless lives on. Please remember these men and women who have given so much to make VVA and AVVA what it is today – “one generation of Veterans not leaving another behind.”

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  • Ted Riccubuono                 08/20/2014

Death of one of our members. Chapter would like to get it up on the web. Thanks


On Friday, August 22, 2014 11:14 PM, Fred Hagenbeek <[email protected]> wrote:

VVA Officers and Directors and members this it the latest information about Ted Riccubuono sent to me by his wife Maryanne. She will get back to me with information about his service at the Veterans Cemetery in Boulder. It's tentatively scheduled for Sept 8 or 9 ( Mon/ Tue )

As a member of our Chapter we should all make plans to attended his wake and show his Wife and Family how much we appreciated and Loved our fellow VVA BROTHER.

See the Newscast Video about the accident below.

Anyone wishing to download a copy of the video,can view the version on

youtube here:

And use one of the many youtube downloaders.

Military vet speaks out about trying to save Boulder Highway crash victim

By Jennifer Kastner. CREATED Aug 21, 2014

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- The 76-year-old killed in Wednesday's Boulder

Highway vehicle accident has been identified as Ted Riccubuono.

His wife said he was a U.S. Marine veteran who served in the Vietnam

War. On Thursday, the man who tried to save Riccubuono's life spoke out

to Action News.

Jess Inga said he witnessed the crash on Boulder Highway near Russell

Road from across the street. He told us he ran across several lanes of

traffic to help Riccubuono, who was trapped inside his white sedan.

"I just barely moved his head to where it was straight and I didn't feel

anything wrong but I'm not a doctor so I didn't know if his neck was

broken. I moved it to where his air passage was clear. I grabbed his

arms and put them on his chest [to help him breathe]," Inga said.

When he looked in the backseat of the sedan, he saw a hat with a Semper

Fi pin on it. At that moment, Inga said he knew the victim was a former


A former Army ranger, Inga felt even more deeply compelled to continue

with his rescue efforts. He continued helping Riccubuono until

paramedics arrived.

Police said Riccubuono's sedan was T-boned by a pickup that was

traveling along Boulder Highway, near Russell Road. Despite heroic

efforts to save him, Riccubuono's injuries were too severe for him to

survive the crash.

Las Vegas resident Richard Melin said he and Riccubuono served in the

Vietnam War together.

"We ate, slept, stood watch and fought together. Sometimes we fought

with each other," he chuckled. Melin said his fellow brother in arms had

a hilarious sense of humor and was exceptionally witty.

"He had the biggest heart that I've ever known. There's a special place

in heaven for Ted and I'm sure God is taking care of him right now."

Riccubuono's wife said he dedicated his recent years to helping military

families in the community.